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As with any property or method from the CoreBots.cs file, you can call upon them by starting with Core. (Core Dot)


Property Type Description
IsMember bool Whether the player is Member, shorthandle for Bot.Player.IsMember.
DL_CallerFilter string? Used in combination with the DebugLogger
If set, DebugLogger will only output the DebugLoggers that have the same Caller as this filter.
DL_MarkerFilter string? Used in combination with the DebugLogger
If set, DebugLogger will only output the DebugLoggers that have the same Marker as this filter.
SkipOptions Option<bool> A Option to be used in scripts that want to do Script Options but have the option to skip the setup window


Method Definition Return Type Description
Logger(string message = "", [CallerMemberName] string caller = "", bool messageBox = false, bool stopBot = false) void Logs a line of text to the script log with time, method from where it’s called and a message
FarmingLogger(string item, int quant, [CallerMemberName] string caller = "") void Will output a specific logger
Example: [00:00:00] (MethodName) Farming ITEM (69/420)
DebugLogger(object _this, string marker = "Checkpoint", [CallerMemberName] string? caller = null, [CallerLineNumber] int lineNumber = 0) void Will tell you the exact line number that it’s on, allowing you to use it as check points to see where something is broken.
DL_Enable() void Requiered to make Debug Logger work, if absent, Debug Logger will be disabled.
Message(string message, string caption) void Creates a Message Box with the desired text and caption
SendPackets(string packet, int times = 1, bool toClient = false) void Send a packet to the server the desired amount of times
Rest() void Rest the player until full if ShouldRest = true
Relogin() void Logs the player out and then in again to the same server. Disables Options.AutoRelogin temporarily
EquipClass(ClassType classToUse) void Equips either the FarmClass or SoloClass from the CanChange section at the top of CoreBots
Equip(params string[] gear) void Equips one or multiple pieces of gear.
ChangeAlignment(Alignment Side) void Switches the player’s Alignment to the input Alignment type
HasAchievement(int ID, string ia = "ia0") void Checks if a player has a certain achievement
SetAchievement(int ID, string ia = "ia0") void Sets an achievement for a player (doens’t work in many cases, only use it if you’re certain)
SavedState(bool on = true) void Currently Disabled
Will do a random message every 3~5 minutes so that the game saves some data that isn’t saved automatically.
RunCore() void This method is placed in Core files, so that the user gets a MessageBox explaining them that Core files are not meant to be run.

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