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As with any property or method from the CoreBots.cs file, you can call upon them by starting with Core. (Core Dot)


Method Definition Return Type Description
Jump(string cell = "Enter", string pad = "Spawn", bool ignoreCheck = false) void Jumps to the desired cell and set spawn point
JumpWait() void Searches for a cell without monsters and jumps to it. If non is found it jumps twice in its current cell.
Join(string map, string cell = "Enter", string pad = "Spawn", bool publicRoom = false, bool ignoreCheck = false) void Joins a map and does bonus steps for said map if needed
GetMapItem(int itemID, int quant = 1, string? map = null) void Sends a getMapItem packet for the specified item
PvPMove(int mtcid, string cell, int moveX = 828, int moveY = 276) void This method is used to move between PvP rooms
inPublicRoom() bool Checks if the room you’re in is a public room or not

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