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As with any property or method from the CoreBots.cs file, you can call upon them by starting with Core. (Core Dot)


Method Definition Return Type Description
RegisterQuests(params int[] questIDs) void This will register quests to be completed while doing something else, i.e. while in combat.
If it has quests already registered, it will cancel them first and then register the new quests.
CancelRegisteredQuests() void Cancels the current registered quests.
EnsureAccept(int questID) bool Accepts the quest and AddDrop’s the requierments that are not temporary
EnsureAccept(params int[] questIDs) void Accepts all the quests given
EnsureComplete(int questID, int itemID = -1) void Completes the quest with a choose-able reward item
EnsureComplete(params int[] questIDs) void Completes all the quests given but doesn’t support quests with choose-able rewards
EnsureCompleteChoose(int questID, string[]? itemList = null) bool Completes a quest and choose any item from it that you don’t have (automatically accepts the drop)
EnsureLoad(int questID) Quest Loads the quest and returns the Quest Object
EnsureLoad(params int[] questIDs) *List<Quest> * Loads the quests and returns multiple Quest Objects
ChainComplete(int questID, int itemID = -1) void Accepts and then completes the quest, used inside a loop
isCompletedBefore(int QuestID) bool Check if a quest that is part of a story line is completed before

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