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Options & Lite

The bot has a range of options that can be changed through the ScriptInterface. Some of these options can be changed through the UI as well (Options > Bot Options). Changes to options in a script will update their state in the UI accordingly. Also there is Lite options that let you set the new Advanced Options in game.


Definition Type Description
AttackWithoutTarget bool Setting this to true will make it use the skills even without target. Use with caution.
AcceptACDrops bool When enabled will pickup any AC item that drops, even when the drop should be rejected.
AggroAllMonsters bool Causes all living monster in the MAP to attack the player. As a result, when any monster in the room is killed, the player gets the reward.
AggroMonsters bool Causes all living monsters in the room to attack the player. As a result, when any monster in the room is killed, the player gets the reward.
RetryRelogin bool If it will retry to relogin if it fails
AutoRelogin bool Enables auto-relogin. When the player disconnects or the game is taking too long to load, the client will logout and relogin, and restart the loaded script.
AutoReloginAny bool When relogging in, the client will pick the first server that isn’t the last server the player was connected to. This is typically unnecessary to use.
DisableCollisions bool Disables all collisions in game, allowing you to move anywhere in the screen.
DisableFX bool Disables all player animations. This can slightly reduce CPU load.
ExitCombatBeforeQuest bool Ensures a player is out of combat before attempting to turn in quests. This is done by jumping to the player’s current cell and pad.
GlitchedRooms bool Glitched Rooms have been patched, this command does nothing.
HidePlayers bool Hides all player avatars except the user’s.
InfiniteRange bool Allows the player to attack monsters from any distance.
LagKiller bool Removes the world from the stage to drastically reduce CPU load while the bot is running.
Magnetise bool Causes any targeted monster to teleport to the player.
PrivateRooms bool All calls to Join are forced to transfer to a random room.
RestPackets bool Sends a rest packet every second while the player is not in combat, causing the player to heal.
SafeRelogin bool Causes a 75 second delay before attempting a relogin. This is typically unnecessary to use.
SafeTimings bool Forces the bot to wait for any action taken to complete before continuing execution of the script, with a 5 second timeout.
SkipCutscenes bool Forces all cutsenes in the game to be skipped. (Currently it skips but don’t jump off the cutscene Cell, make sure to jump after you know a cutscene will play)
CustomGuild string Sets the player’s guild on the client side.
CustomName string Sets the player’s name on the client side.
HasteOverride float Overrides the haste stat on the client side reducing skill cooldowns. This iis capped at 0.5 (50%).
HuntBuffer int Sets how many kills hunt will wait before picking up drops.
HuntDelay int The minimum time in milliseconds between jumping between cells when hunting for monsters (using Hunt, or any method that uses it). The default is 1000 (1 second).
HuntPriority Priorities (enum) Sets the priority mode for hunting monsters. Default is HuntPriorities.None.
LoadTimeout int The time in milliseconds that the game is allowed to load before it is considered to be a timeout, and an autorelogin is triggered. The default is 10000 (10 seconds).
LoginServer RBot.Servers.Server The server to relogin to (this is automatically setted by AutoRelogin).
RunOnExit string A string that, if set, will indicate a program to run when the script finishes.
WalkSpeed int An integer that sets the player’s walking speed. The default is 8 and the maximum is 32.


These Options can be changed in the Advanced Options tab in-game.

Definition Type Description
CustomDropsUI bool Sets whether or no will use the Custom Drop UI. If true, make sure it is open and/or detached for drops be accepted.
DisableSkillAnimations bool Disables class animations only.
HideUI bool Hides the player and enemy portraits and the map name.
ShowMonsterType bool Display the monster’s type as a tag under their name.
SmoothBackground bool Removes map background pixelation.
UntargetDead bool Untargets monsters that are dead.
UntargetSelf bool Prevents skills from targeting yourself.

Setting options

Some options can be set through the UI. All options can be set programatically in a script as follows:

using RBot;

public void ScriptMain(ScriptInterface bot)
    bot.Options.SafeTimings = true;
    bot.Options.InfiniteRange = true;
    bot.Options.CustomName = "ARTIX";
    bot.Lite.UntargetSelf = true;
    //You can also set then using their game object name
    bot.Lite.Set("bReaccept", false);

Note: It is strongly recommended that SafeTimings is always enabled so you do not have to manage the timings of the bot yourself. Also, always make sure Reaccept Quest from Advanced Options is turned OFF.

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