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Design and Layout

Let’s say a quest had ID 1, and required Required Item 1 x 10 and Required Item 2 x 5 which were dropped by Monster 1 and Monster 2 respectively in map example1. The reward for the quest is called Reward Item. A typical script to complete this quest once would look like this:

using RBot;

public class Script
	public void ScriptMain(ScriptInterface bot)
        // Setup options
        // It is recommended that these two options are always enabled.
        bot.Options.SafeTimings = true;
        bot.Options.RestPackets = true;
        // Setup skills
        // This can also be done in the skills UI.

        // Load the bank.
        // Saving inventory space, this also gives the bank time to load.

        // Move any items that may be required for the quest into inventory.
        bot.Bank.ToInventory("Required Item 1");
        bot.Bank.ToInventory("Required Item 2");

        // Accept the quest. Here id 1 is used.

        // Join room with required monsters.
        // Hunt monsters for quest items.
        bot.Player.HuntForItem("Monster 1", "Required Item 1", 10);
        bot.Player.HuntForItem("Monster 2", "Required Item 2", 5);

        // Turn in quest and get reward.
        bot.Wait.ForDrop("Reward Item");
        bot.Player.Pickup("Reward Item");

Repeating the Quest

To repeat the quest and complete it indefinitely, we can wrap the quest part of the script in a while loop:



    //... hunting code

    bot.Wait.ForDrop("Reward Item");
    bot.Player.Pickup("Reward Item");

This will complete the quest until RBot is closed. The condition in the while loop can be changed to anything, such as checking wheter a player has a specified quantity of item.

Hunting multiple monsters

The easiest way to hunt multiple monsters for an item is to separate the monster names with a "|" character and pass it as the monster’s name to HuntForItem. For example, if multiple monsters Monster 1, Monster 2 and Monster 3 drop the item Item 1, and these monsters exist in the same room (can be in different cells), you can hunt them to get Item 1 x 10 like this:

bot.Player.HuntForItem("Monster 1|Monster 2|Monster 3", "Item 1", 10);

If Item 1 is a temp item, you can simply pass another argument after the quantity, true indicating this. This argument defaults to false:

bot.Player.HuntForItem("Monster 1|Monster 2|Monster 3", "Item 1", 10, true);

Hunting for multiple items

If you want to hunt a monster or multiple monsters for multiple items, you can use HuntForItems. Multiple monsters are passed to this method in the same way as for HuntForItem (using a "|" separator). For example, if you want Item 1 x 10 and Item 2 x 5, and all three of of the monsters drop these 2 items, you would use this:

bot.Player.HuntForItems("Monster 1|Monster 2|Monster 3", new string[] { "Item 1", "Item 2" }, new int[] { 10, 5 });

Setting up relogin

I would recommend you setup the auto relogin in the UI as it is easier, although you can do it in your script if you want. Add this code to where you setup your options:

bot.Options.AutoRelogin = true;

This will relogin you to the last server you were.

bot.Options.AutoReloginAny = true;
// You need to make sure Auto Relogin is setted to true too
bot.Options.AutoRelogin = true;

This will relogin you to any server that isn’t the last one you were.

bot.Options.LoginServer = ServerList.Servers.Find(x => x.Name == "Artix");
bot.Options.AutoRelogin = true;

This will relogin you to the specified server. You can change Artix to whatever server you want to relogin to.

Legion Fealty 1

Here I will build a script to complete the Legion Fealty 1 quest until the player has Revenant's Spellscroll x 20.

Looking at the wiki page for this quest, we require Aeacus Empowered x 50, Tethered Soul x 300, Darkened Essence x 500, and Dracolich Contract x 1000.

The first thing to do is initialize the script as before and move these items, as well as the quest reward into the player’s inventory:

public void ScriptMain(ScriptInterface bot)
    bot.Options.SafeTimings = true;
    bot.Options.RestPackets = true;



    bot.Bank.ToInventory("Aeacus Empowered");
    bot.Bank.ToInventory("Tethered Soul");
    bot.Bank.ToInventory("Darkened Essence");
    bot.Bank.ToInventory("Dracolich Contract");
    bot.Bank.ToInventory("Revenant's Spellscroll");

    // ... next snippet continues from here

Now we want to repeat the quest until the player has Revenant's Spellscroll x 20 in their inventory, so we write the while loop:

while(!bot.Inventory.Contains("Revenant's Spellscroll", 20))
    // ... quest completion code will go here

Inside the loop, the requirements for the quest will be fulfilled by the bot. First we accept the quest, then we get all the required items, then we turn in the quest and pickup the reward as before:


bot.Player.HuntForItem("Ultra Aeacus", "Aeacus Empowered", 50);


// A dark caster class is required to join this room.
// This one only costs 2000 legion tokens.
bot.Bank.ToInventory("Infinite Legion Dark Caster");
bot.Player.HuntForItem("Forgotten Soul", "Tethered Soul", 300);


bot.Player.HuntForItem("Pure Shadowscythe|Shadow Guardian|Shadow Warrior", "Darkened Essence", 500);


// Here I enable Aggro Monsters mid script as it drastically increases the speed of getting the contracts, especially in a crowded room.
bot.Options.AggroMonsters = true;
bot.Player.HuntForItem("5 Headed Dracolich", "Dracolich Contract", 1000);
bot.Options.AggroMonsters = false;

bot.Wait.ForDrop("Revenant's Spellscroll");
bot.Player.Pickup("Revenant's Spellscroll");

I have added 2 second sleeps between each map join to improve stability, although it usually is not necessary to do this.

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