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The bot can listen for certain events and your script can attach its own listeners to handle these events. This is done through the ScriptInterface#Events object.

The following events can be listened for:

Event Definition Is triggered when
PlayerDeath() Player dies.
MonsterKilled() Monster that the player is attacking is killed.
QuestAccepted(int id) Quest is accepted by the bot.
QuestTurnedIn(int id) Quest is turned in by the bot.
MapChanged(string map) Map changes.
CellChanged(string map, string cell, string pad) Cell changes.
ReloginTriggered(bool kicked) Relogin is triggered.
ExtensionPacketReceived(dynamic packet) Extension packet is received from the server.
PlayerAFK() Player goes AFK.
TryBuyItem() Player attempts to buy an item from a shop.
ItemDropped(RBot.Items.ItemBase item, bool addedToInv, int quantityNow) Item drops or is added to the inventory. quantityNow will not be 0 only when added to the player inventory
ScriptStopping The script is finishing, you can place cleanup code here (like reset options and such).
CounterAttack A monster counter attack is detected.
RunToArea An safezone is setted (Ledgermayne mechanic).

Event handlers are cleared when a script stops or starts. To manually clear event handlers use ScriptEvents#ClearHandlers(), although this is typically not necessary. (In current version [3.6] they aren’t cleared as intended)

Listening for Events

To attach your own listener to an event, you can use the typical C# syntax for adding event handlers. All event handlers take a first argument which is the current instance of the ScriptInterface and some take a second argument (shown in the list above). For example:

bot.Events.PlayerDeath += b => {
    b.Log("Player died.");

will log "Player died" every time the player dies. Another example:

bot.Events.MapChanged += (b, map) => {
    b.Log("Player is in map " + map + ".");

will log "Player is in map {map name}." whenever the map changes.

You can use them with local functions too, this one is used to restart the script by triggering an auto-relogin:

bot.Options.AutoRelogin = true;
void AFKHandler(ScriptInterface b)
  b.Log("Player AFK, triggering logout");
  // This will unsubscribe the event
  b.Events.PlayerAFK -= AFKHandler;
bot.Events.PlayerAFK += AFKHandler;

which will log "Player AFK, triggering logout", unsubscribe the event handler (this is needed because when the script starts again, it will create another handler which can cause memory problems) and then logging out to trigger the auto-relogin feature.

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